Real Estate Services

We’re not your typical real estate agency. Each property receives the careful eye of over thirty years of residential and commercial real estate development and negotiation experience.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell your home, looking for an investment or family owned property, or ready to realize home equity by refinancing or through a home equity conversion mortgage, we have a tenured approach to the market to keep you focused on Certain, Secure and Simple strategies to build long term wealth.


Buying and Selling Real Estate

We believe your real estate assets are a critical tax-advantaged component of an overall financial strategy.  Because real estate assets often make up the largest asset or liability in a financial portfolio, Plan Certain works closely with its clients to determine the optimal strategy for any real estate buy, sell, or hold strategy. That’s right, sometimes your best financial outcome is not to buy or sell. 

We work closely with our clients to evaluate their real estate assets as part of their overarching wealth strategy. And we only want to help you buy or sell your property if it helps you achieve your financial goals.

Because we consider all aspects of your financial strategy, we bring a full complement of real estate services for clients:

  • Licensed Full Service Realtors
  • Licensed Mortgage Experts
  • Financial Strategy Real Estate Analysis
  • Experienced Valuation, Market Analysis and Forecast
  • Cutting Edge Agency-Level Marketing Expertise
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Buying, selling, or refinancing your home can be risky and complicated.
We make real estate Certain, Secure and Simple.

Plan Certain Mortgage Services

With over 25 years of mortgage brokerage experience, Plan Certain is well positioned to consult with clients on all of their mortgage needs.  We evaluate existing mortgage financing to determine whether or not there are inefficiencies in the existing financing and offer options for our clients to consider based on their overall objectives. 

Mortgage Financing

Our mortgage experts support our Realtors in finding the right financing for homeowners seeking to purchase a new home. Our strategists work closely with the Plan Certain mortgage experts to make sure that our clients selling a home are ready with mortgage financing when they purchase their next home.

Retirement Property Valuation

Plan Certain retirement strategists offer clients 62 years of age and older, a no cost evaluation of their home value and potential equity to make sure the equity is positioned to protect them and their heirs. There is over $1 Trillion dollars in home equity of individuals over 62 years of age in the US, and a substantial percentage are unable to access their home equity when needed.

Refinance Your Home

The Plan Certain team can evaluate the refinancing efficiencies for any homeowner. Plan Certain mortgage and real estate experts can offer a valuation of your property supported by facts used by appraisers in anticipation of refinancing. Our experts can uncover unanticipated issues and provide our borrowers with factual support that will help them secure the best possible financing.

Home Equity Conversion Mortgage

Plan Certain is skilled at providing options for seniors that can turn dormant home equity into retirement supplemental income or a U.S Government backed, liquid asset that can be used for emergencies or long term care needs, etc. This special financing is known as a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (“HECM”) and is available through our mortgage experts.

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The Plan Certain Buy/Sell Advantage

Plan certain Real Estate serves as a full service, fully licensed Realtor.  Our clients trust that when they are considering the purchase of a new home or the sale of a home they own, their interest will be served.  We encourage all clients to consider the purchase or sale of a home in their long term financial strategy.

Unlike a conventional Realtor that sees your home as a  commodity for their benefit, Plan Certain Realtors work with clients to evaluate what is best for them, which may mean that we will advise a client not to buy or sell.  Because the scope of Plan Certain services eclipses the buy/sell paradigm, the best interest of our client is always paramount.

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Real Estate Investing and
Family Owned Property

Plan Certain features estate planning and asset protection services that help clients protect their valuable assets from lawsuits, creditors and unnecessary taxation and provide a smooth transition of legacy for their heirs.

As part of the comprehensive financial review we conduct for our clients, we are able to evaluate their real estate holdings and target acquisitions to make sure those assets are operating as efficiently as possible for the client based on their goals. We want to make sure that each real estate asset has been considered from both a debt and equity perspective to determine, based on their long term goals and objectives, that their real estate assets are performing according to plans.  

Plan Certain is much more than a typical real estate agent.  Because of the trusted relationship we build with our clients, we are often involved with the sale and marketing of their vacation and second homes and the purchase and sale of income properties, both residential and commercial.  We evaluate each transaction based on the overarching financial growth objectives, retirement strategy and legacy plans which requires a broad perspective of what is best for our client. 

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We have many resources available and will point you in the right direction if we are unable to work together. What are you waiting for?

"Owning a home is a keystone of wealth… both financial affluence and emotional security."
Suze Orman


Most frequent questions and answers

The Plan Certain experts bring decades of real estate experience to every client.  Our objective is to approach your real estate needs as a component of your overall financial goals.   Learning what matters most to our clients and how they can best achieve their goals is paramount for our clients.

Yes.  The Federal Government developed a mortgage program designed specifically to provide seniors with assistance to access the equity in their homes.  Known as the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (“HECM”}, where appropriate, it can provide an exceptional solution for seniors in need of cash. A HECM is not right for everyone and should only be considered with the consultation of a qualified HECM specialist.  Plan Certain is expert in the use of the HECM program.

Whatever your real estate needs, you would be well-served to seek the services of a licensed, well-qualified real estate professional to consult with.  All licensed real estate professionals can be checked out online through the real estate division in your state.  Licensed real estate professionals are required to maintain ethical and educational standards.  Interview your potential representative and make sure that your interests will be well-served. 

Knowing how much house you can buy is the first step in buying a home.  Plan Certain will bring its team of mortgage specialists and real estate professionals to help you evaluate your home purchase capability.  From there, we will launch an effort to find you the home that will meet or exceed your needs. 

Buying, selling, or refinancing your home can be risky and complicated.
We make real estate Certain, Secure and Simple.


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Our Values

Being a fiduciary is not a buzzword at Plan Certain. Putting our clients needs before our own is how we have always done business. Building good faith and trust through transparent and accurate information  is essential to our approach. 

Plan Certain provides financial guidance so you money is Certain. Secure and Simple.

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