Our Purpose

Our purpose is to align clients with the world’s most secure financial institutions through custom financial solutions that are Certain, Secure and Simple.

Our Clients

Our clients represent a new wave of smart savers who seek Certain financial savings growth over “what’s hot” investment risk taking.
They value Secure strategies that align their saving objectives with proven investment partners that have records with decades of consecutive dividend distributions and compounded, tax-advantaged results.     
Our clients have disciplined, long term goals founded in proven, Simple strategies, free of Wall Street market risk and uncertainty, complicated investment options, unreasonable management fees and costs and rising taxation.

Our Firm

Our planning approach embraces your goals and objectives with a strong view to the future.

Our approach challenges clients to embrace certain, secure and simple strategies to build wealth. We go beyond risky, difficult to understand cash accumulation models and ask the long term question:

“What will you do when you are 82?”

Financial Clients Nationwide

Serving Clients Nationwide

We are a network of financial specialists available to serve clients across the country.

35 Years Experience

Our experience from Wall Street to Main Street is your valuable resource.
Fiduciary Minded

Fiduciary Minded

Serving your interest first is our highest priority.

Our Leadership

We have joined together to integrate an array of talented financial and business experts for the benefit of our clients.  From Wall St. to Main Street, we combine efforts to customize solutions that move clients forward as they grow wealth.

Our Promise

We stay the course and advocate planning that follows proven wealth building with partners that have delivered consistent distributions without fail for over 100 years.

Our bank-tested, long term planning establishes the path to financial peace of mind. Our planning avoids market risk, investment volatility, unreasonable taxation and fee erosion of your hard earned savings.
We achieve these objectives by partnering with the safest, strictly regulated financial companies on earth. Our plans achieve client objectives with guaranteed consistent growth.

Our Partners

Lafayette Life Insurance Financial
Security Mutual Life Financial
Allianz Financial

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The secret of getting ahead is getting started.