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Have you considered what your family or business partners will do if you become incapacitated, or worse, pass away? Without a written estate or asset protection plan, a substantial portion of your assets may be lost.

Plan Certain experts offer guidance in developing affordable, online estate planning, attorney driven planning for special needs or Medicaid planning, and business asset protection and succession planning.


Affordable Estate Planning

Since the best laid plans begin with the end in mind, we start your estate plan with our Goal Setting process and employ  cutting edge technologies along with current estate and tax planning techniques to light your unique path to success. In short, we believe that everyone needs an estate plan given that proper estate planning always encompasses all other forms of planning – financial, investment, real estate, insurance, medical and retirement.

With Plan Certain, you will work with a Certified Estate Planner™ (CEP™) to guide you in choosing the most cost effective approach to meet your particular needs and budget. For a person with standard estate planning needs, you may not need an attorney driven estate plan. Plan Certain is proud to offer an affordable alternative to more costly options.

You can have a comprehensive, trust-centered estate plan that is customized to your preferences for a fraction of the cost. Plan Certain offers you an online platform that you control to build your family estate plan. By simply engaging the interview-based questionnaire, this interface accesses a sophisticated, legal database that assembles your estate plan documents. You can complete your entire estate plan in one session or take your time over multiple sessions to finalize your plan. Your Plan Certain CEP™ is available to assist you every step of the way, from formulating your estate plan documents, to assisting in coordinating the signing and funding of your estate plan. This may be the most comprehensive and cost effective option for you .

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Asset Protection and
Business Succession Planning

A critical aspect of any successful business enterprise is to take action to protect your business assets from lawsuits and unfavorable creditor collections and to plan for an organized transition of operating control should certain events occur.  Plan Certain works with private business owners to review their asset protection goals and succession plans using a collaborative planning method that includes all decision makers.

Collaborative Planning

Plan Certain will coordinate disparate professionals to contain costs and add efficiency to the plan development process. Qualified professionals will provide input from their respective disciplines in order to develop a comprehensive plan that considers the ownership of business interests. The result: a better plan that has been customized for each unique situation and evaluated by relevant stakeholders to meet the short and long term goals of the business owner.

Asset Protection & Lawsuits

Let’s face it, we do business in a hyper-litigious environment. Any individual who owns an interest in a business or controls substantial assets is subject to the significant risk of a lawsuit. Plan Certain strategists educate clients as to the risks they face and how they might protect both their business ownership interests and their personal assets from loss with asset protection strategies so an unfortunate legal outcome will be contained and not jeopardize other business ventures or personal assets.

Buy - Sell Agreements

A buy-sell agreement is a legal contract that provides business owners a mechanism to purchase the ownership interests of the other owners at a specific price upon certain events, such as death, disability or retirement. Buy-sell agreements can thus establish the value in advance or establish the method for determining the value of the respective business interest being purchased for estate tax and assure that a surviving spouse and/or heirs will receive full value by guaranteeing the sale and purchase price.

Your Business = Retirement Income

It is common for business owners to neglect the planning needed to secure a comfortable retirement. Often their sole retirement plan is to sell their business and use the proceeds for retirement. A myriad of factors should be considered to make sure that the sale of the business will come to fruition. Moreover, a well designed retirement savings program can not only benefit the business owner, but can double as a valuable tool to retain key executives and employees. A comprehensive, integrated plan should be mapped out as early as possible to ensure a successful retirement outcome.

Protecting your assets can be risky and complicated.
We make estate planning Certain, Secure and Simple.

Legacy Estate Planning

Legacy Planning

One of the most valuable aspects of good Asset Protection and Estate Planning is knowing that your heirs will receive, not only assets from your wealth accumulation, but valuable personal beliefs and values that you want them to remember you by.  

Our team of estate planning professionals brings your estate plan alive by first developing the legal structure to provide for smooth, uncontested transfer of wealth to your heirs based on your desires. We add to that special digital video production options that can enable you to share your thoughts, wishes and values for each loved one in a special one-on-one format and tell your whole family your life’s story.   

Special Needs Trust Downs Syndrome

Special Needs and
Medicaid Planning

Some need to plan for establishing protection for a family member with Special Needs.  This planning requires special skills and is extremely valuable to those that have a special needs person in their care.  Proper special needs planning, coupled with a comprehensive estate plan can give you the added peace of mind that you have left nothing to chance, especially for those with Special Needs.  In addition our legal experts are certified in the specialized area of Medicaid planning, which enables you and your loved ones to protect your assets, while qualifying for Medicaid benefits.

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Most frequent questions and answers

The fact is, even if you have a will or few assets, you already have an estate plan designed by the government called probate. Probate can easily cost 10% of all your assets.

Taking the time to invest in a comprehensive estate plan will eliminate the government plan and will conserve thousands of dollars for your heirs.  

Yes.  Depending on the facts of your situation, Plan Certain can assist you in developing an affordable, comprehensive family estate plan using an online Estate Planning Platform that is proven to avoid probate in all 50 states.   

No.  Many believe that because their business ownership interests are titled to their family estate plan, they have protected those assets. 

A family estate plan is not an asset protection plan.  In fact, unprotected business interests can expose personal assets held by the trust to liability.  Careful planning should be sought to make sure all assets are protected to the greatest extent legally possible.

Yes.  An estate plan is a living document that should be reviewed with your Plan Certain strategist annually. 

If there are any major changes to family composition, structure or inheritance wishes, they should be evaluated in light of the existing plan and a modification to the plan can be made to reflect current needs.  

Protecting your assets can be risky and complicated.
We make estate planning Certain, Secure and Simple.